Locally Grown Florals in Bronzeville


It all started when…

My mother bought me a book on growing an edible garden in the city. I was hooked. I joined a community garden and began growing vegetables and flowers. Once I started meeting other urban growers, it became apparent that flowers would be a much more productive crop than vegetables. From there I began designing with my own product and Bulb & Thistle was born.

Since the early days of trying to figure out make with too many zinnias, too many snapdragons, and too little of everything else, we grow specific blooms like dahlias and tuberose which benefit from being as fresh and as local as possible. Initially, the farm was far south in South Chicago, but we’ve relocated to the vibrant Bronzeville nieghborhood and we will be growing at the Food Matters Market on 43rd Street.

Come check us out!